On horseback through the Collio

Experience the elegance of horseback riding through the Collio

The Collio in the saddle

Rides suitable for everyone*, from beginners to experts, through a dynamic area in a border land

Some of the proposed activities:

  • riding lessons; 
  • indoor individual and group lessons, perfect for a first approach into the equestrian world;  


  • to the high vineyards: about 10 km in the direction of the castle of Spessa;
  • Piana del Preval: about 8 km towards the border, through a former marsh surrounded by hillside vineyards;
  • the Plessiva Woods: about 15 km through the Plessiva Nature Park;
  • the “Celeste” (trail): about 20 km from the “Subida” towards Castelmonte, along the Celeste trail. 

indoor lessons areopen to all age groups. Excursions areonly for people over 14 years old

Publication date: 2021-03-26